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I Ran From My Dreams For A Whole Year, How Can I Make It Stop?

We all know writers write, creators create, and artists show their brush strokes. This year I have not done any of these things even though I associate with all three.

I love to create, write, and show my brush strokes. Why haven’t I made my dreams come true? I have sabotaged myself in one way or another every day for an entire year.

I do not understand how I got stuck in this place. I started with a plan and momentum. I have created a new plan and new momentum six different times in the past twelve months.

I haven’t…

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What is keeping me going?

Have you been struggling? Have you found it hard to get in a groove? What does that groove even look like right now? Nothing is normal.

When the craziness first started in March, I went for two weeks without going anywhere. I was hardly talking to people. I put myself in a shell and got a little too comfortable there.

It has been hard to wrap my mind around everything that has been going on. The negativity in the news and on social media is not helping things at all. I am anxious all the time. …

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Some things just don't seem fair

On March 9th I got a phone call that shook me. My two oldest kids' grandfather had passed away in his sleep.

I have been around the family for almost 16 years. I am still really close to them even though the outcome of my past relationship. I am even friends with my ex now.

My ex’s sister is now my best friend. We talk every day. Their little brother is like my little brother.

This really hurt me. It was my kid’s “Papa”. It was my best friend’s father. It was supposed to be my father in law once…

What you could do instead.

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We all have a hard time writing sometimes. I have been struggling with self-sabotage this month. So to make lite of the situation I am writing about what you should not do because obviously I have been doing it.

I hate it when I go on these inactive stints. I feel like I am not moving forward towards my dreams.

1. Ignore your network

Who wants to talk to people when they feel stuck? I feel like I am failing at life so why would I want to tell anyone about it? …

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Even When You Want To Quit

This is something that I struggle through at least once a week. I tend to self-sabotage. If I am honest I tend to get caught up in the busywork that does nothing to move me forward.

These are the steps I use to course-correct when I need too. I am still working toward gaining my confidence and self-doubt is real. I have to keep myself moving forward.

Have a plan

This is the first step and the most important. What is it that you want to do? What are your goals? Journal about those two questions and create a plan around the answers.

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Let’s lift each other up, and not bash each other.

There are so many things people disagree on everyday. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Can’t we just be kind to each other? Why do people feel the need to shame others? It’s not like everyone is always going around asking for an opinion, so why must we shove our opinions down someone else’s throat?

A lot of the shame is women on women. I think as women we should stand together, help each other up, and not beat each other down. We are all fighting our own battles. …

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And I’ll cry if I want to.

My birthday was Sunday. I am a whole 33 now and I am a little sad about it all. I am usually an optimistic person but when I think about where I am in life I get a little blue.

I have been through a lot. I have come a long way. I do give myself grace. I think I might give myself too much grace when I need a foot in my ass.

Thinking about where I am compared to where I want to be, keeps me up at night. …

It is not all about the money.

I have seen it several times. People jump in a Facebook group and talk about quitting because they cannot do it anymore. They aren’t making enough money for their efforts. They are tired of posting and not getting any response.

I have been there, trust me I know. I get down about my earnings on the site. I think even the big earners get upset when a story flops.

Starting something and quitting has been something I am known for. This is not something I am proud of, but it is the truth.

Here are five questions I think you…

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This is how I did it.

My son is 20 months old. I have had a hard time with him! I started off breastfeeding when he was born. I worked through most of the pain. At three weeks I was so sore all the time. I tried to wean him then.

He had an allergy to the formula. Altogether, I tried six different kinds. He would projectile vomit across the room. I tried to get him on the bottle until he was six months.

I gave up and just nursed him. I couldn’t drink milk or eat dairy until he was about 15 months old because…

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I know when I make this decision I am going to have to stick to it.

This is going to have to be it. I cannot decide to do it and then fold when he cries or when I am tired. I have to hold my ground. I cannot keep giving into him.

He is almost 21 months old and he is getting very demanding. He pulls on my shirts and asks for boob. He points to them and screams when I say no. He throws himself on the floor and kicks and screams.

The worst part of it all is when he goes to sleep he has to have it. If he doesn’t then he…

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